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Frequently Ask Questions

I am over seventy, can I still have dental implants?

Yes. Implants may be placed at any age from young adulthood to the elderly
with equal success.

I have medical issues, can I still have dental implants placed?

YES. Your health history will be carefully reviewed and in most cases an individualized course of treatment will be proposed leading to predictable success. Most health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain auto immune and endocrine disturbances can be addressed and a positive outcome predicted.

Can I have dental implants even if my dentist told me I have bone loss and my teeth are loose?

YES. Implants are designed to help the patient who has lost their teeth through gum disease or periodontal bone loss. The sites will be evaluated by special  x-rays in our office and by the doctor’s examination. Occasionally we will need to augment the bone via bone grafting or socket grafting.

I have lost all my teeth and my dentures are loose. Are there treatment options for me?

 YES. Implants may be used to stabilize existing dentures or to replace them entirely. Your final dental appliance may be removable or fixed. Your final treatment plan will be the result of consultations between you, your dentist and your oral surgeon.

I was told my bone was too thin for dental implants. Is there anything that can be done to improve the width?

YES. The bone can be predictably widened using a variety of bone grafting techniques. Once adequate  bone volume has been regenerated, implants can be placed.

Can I have implants placed and “teeth” inserted in one visit? Do I have to be without teeth?

YES. With careful planning and if the bone volume and density allows, you may be a candidate for implant placement and have a non removable temporary bridge placed. In almost all cases a removable temporary appliance can be inserted.